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VIA Joins Somerset Commerce

Vortex InterActive joins Somerset KY Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce

Vortex InterActive joins Somerset KY Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce

It is a benchmark to announce Vortex InterActive’s membership with the Somerset Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce. We do not have a physical storefront as of yet, but owning a gallery somewhere along Highway 27 is the future goal. It is my hope to create memorable images people will want to take with them to enjoy viewing or to recreate their moments here when they get back to the comfort of their homes, offices, or wherever they choose. Somerset and Pulaski county have a multitude to offer in terms of scenic views and family entertainment which makes for photographs you wouldn’t want to miss! Vortex InterActive will make the best of area opportunities to provide digital media and photographic services for the good people of Somerset KY and the surrounding Lake Cumberland Area.

Fall photography of an old Short Creek Kentucky Barn

Fall Shot of an old Short Creek Kentucky Barn

Vortex InterActive holds a variety of unique skills due to my background with living in diverse areas. As such, it can meet a wide range needs when it comes to imaging. It has done everything from virtual reality and computer animations for Architects to audio engineering for promotional video productions. Vortex InterActive has a heavy list of photography behind it that includes wedding, product, commercial, fashion, model, senior, macro and pet to specialized long exposure shots both during the day and at night.

Somerset Landscape Photography - Stab Community KY

Somerset Landscape Photography - Stab Community KY

It’s exciting to see the company moving into its 19th year and experience has proven there is no project too large or too small. Vortex InterActive works hard to continually provide top quality services at fair prices. We hope visitors will enjoy our website, and utilize our services. Special thanks goes out to Chris Girdler, Bobby Clue and Jessica Carlton (we are her new neighbor) of the Somerset Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce and thank you for taking time to read our blog!

Short Creek KY Cave #1 Photograph

Short Creek KY Cave #1

Buckeye Hydro

When it comes to water, Russ Romme knows his stuff;  ”Pure” and simple! Whether for an aquarium, residence, commercial, or hydroponics, he can advise and provide you with the full filtration system and the necessary materials to keep you running. Check out his fresh, re-designed website, Buckeye Hydro (formerly Buckeye Field Supply), and gain helpful insights from his FAQ’s answering questions like, “When should I replace my filters” and “ How much water pressure is needed to run an RO or RODI system?” ”Hmmmm”, you maybe wondering, “What is a RODI system anyway?”  Be sure to visit his website to find out!

Vortex InterActive congratulates Russ on his successful website re-launch that has been a couple of years in the making. We are pleased to have created some animated GIF banners as well as product photography for Buckeye Hydro, and with your help in spreading the word of his services, you can ensure a deserving local Cincinnati-based company a bigger success while getting the clean water you need!

Commercial Documentation

As an update, here is the premiere photo from our shoot:

Compare the post-production to the original: the post production took 8 hours to complete and involved adding a person for scale, adding the company’s logo, adjusting the exposure of the background, taking the machinery itself to “ground level” by removing the steel posts - a lot of getting it to look right had to do with adding shadows underneath each beam – and parts removal from the perimeter.

Truly, no job is too big or too small! Vortex InterActive has plenty of experience documenting larger commercial machinery such as the one shown in this test photo below:

  Upon completion, this production line machinery will take 14 to 15 semi-tractor trailers to relocate it to it’s permanent facility. The overall cost is in the millions. Size; approximately 25 feet high, 40 feet wide by 150 feet in length (-180 with conveyors in place).

We are proud to have the resources to document larger machinery accurately and with proper lighting. In the past, Vortex InterActive has done similar work in animation for Procter & Gamble, Mitsubishi Motors, & General Electric. Kudos goes out to Steve Barnett, Melissa Mendez, and Jennifer Brogan who assisted on this exciting, and somewhat massive project!


Vortex InterActive to Produce Video Showcase

"Classic JAG" - The Jaguar XK140 makes an exquisite backdrop.

Throughout its 16 years of business, Vortex InterActive has had a variety of outstanding multi-media projects. Though photography and image effects (graphic design, touchup, and enhancement) are the company’s mainstay, we offer much more. This is one of the main reasons for our name rather than “_____name Studio” Vortex InterActive is where various imaging services come together in “Helping People Visually Communicate Incredible Ideas”. Over these years we have shot and produced dozens of videos, and for the first time we are making a Vortex InterActive exclusive so our customers can gain an accelerated understanding of the services we offer.

Cincinnati Fountain Square for Pentax-Ricoh and Cord Camera

Vortex InterActive projects have included direct production in: 3D animation, virtual reality, interactive CD-authoring, musical score composition, audio work, music videos, television commercials, infommercials, logo design, web-design, web-sites, green screen, photos to playable DVD, photography of all kinds; weddings, couples, products, models, architectural, food, pets, and the list goes on.

Vortex InterActive past and/or present clients include: The U.S. Navy, Mitsubishi Motors, General Electric, Procter & Gamble, University of Cincinnati, Kroger’s, Gallerie USA, Christian Dior, Great Oaks, Kathleen Garmany & Platinum IV Salon, Blonde Dog Brewing, Cole & Russell, Grant County, The Graeter Family, Deb Knoske (Miss America, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA Pageant Photographer), John Kinsella CMC, FWMCS (World Master Chef), Kathryn Spear (Wellness Coordinator Spear Inc.), The Coy Taylor Band, and Buckeye Field Supply to mention a few that have entrusted us with their projects.

We service many outstanding inviduals throughout the year that make it nearly impossible to mention them all, and we are grateful for every one. It is our hopes this list will include “you” for choosing our services whether it be for a simple photograph or full video production. We enjoy what we do and we enjoy the people we work for: stay tuned to see some highlights of what we’ve done and what we can do for you!

Cord World

Simple, yet fun and effective – polarizing your rectangular panoramic in Adobe Photoshop to create your own “World”. In this case, it’s a promo for our day jobs at “Cord World”! Do drop in and see us sometime or call 513-232-7383 to reach us at the store. Okay, so I want to touch up the sky, clean up the sign and I also have some haze where I’m posing as a customer (during my off day of course) on the right side. I’ll post it when it’s done.


 This was popular around 4 years ago and I’m happy to do crazy little things like this every now and then: it’s kind of like pulling a rabbit out of your hat; a bit of “pixel magic”… also included below, drum roll please, the animated .gif (gasp) only modernized by the amount of pixels along with a smooth background I took at the Newport Aquarium. Rather fitting since Russ Romme, the owner of Buckeye Field Supply, used to dive for them to check the chemistry and whatnot.

 Hint——Click the Image to see the action!

Vortex InterActive 2014