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VIA contracted by Don Franklin

Don Franklin Somerset

Don Franklin Somerset

Vortex InterActive has been contracted by Don Franklin Auto Dealers for SEO, web traffic analysis, social media content and marketing development. This is a great opportunity to take what we’ve done for Cincinnati Great Oaks Career Campuses (America’s largest Adult Education Facility) and apply it to Somerset’s finest, soon-to-be cutting edge Auto Dealership. Keep a watchful eye on some very important changes all around.

Don Franklin Chevrolet, Buick, GMC Showroom

Don Franklin Chevrolet, Buick, GMC Showroom

The first task will be to unify all 11 dealerships and implement an optimized keyword strategy that is local and region specific. Once that is complete, social media content will be implemented in new ways that will offer customers a better understanding of the dealerships services which will equate to better value. The end result will be engaging the customer in a practical everyday manner. Beyond that, it will serve as a new platform for vehicle promotions that can monitored and responded to in real time. Exactly what does that mean? It means new ways for customers to interact and have fun at a very progressive car dealership in the heart of Kentucky.

Great Oaks was both unique and fun as we developed a majority (if not all at one time) of their images. We worked with them for three years and found our photography on their catalog brochures, class cut-sheets outlining their major courses, banners lining the hallways, on billboards, on the backs of buses and in Kroger’s grocery carts. It was an honor to be a part of their marketing and it was a big help to them especially concerning the 12 videos we produced to advertise across the web and in social media.

What a lot of people may not know is we completely re-rendered an ultra modern use of their logo by which we had to obtain board approval to do so. It was this first, new approach that really paid off in generating new interest from prospective students and excitement for the whole faculty. The initial Great Oaks logo simply flashed on screen and then faded to the footage. The new logo is proceeded by flashes of light sprawling across the screen while diminishing, followed by highlight versions of the satellite campus names coming at the camera coupled with dramatic tribal drumming and lights in a sort of morphing fog atmosphere. The excitement was in the air when it was first presented via a movie screen in the auditorium for the whole campus to see and it still creates excitement today. What a treat!

Don Franklin’s SEO, web traffic analysis, social media content and marketing development is another example of Vortex InterActive’s diversity of services. As we are drafting changes for Don Franklin, we are drafting changes to our own website with new channels of advertisement and increased web-presence. While in Cincinnati, we were fortunate to have word-of-mouth reputation and we are ever grateful for our time there. Here in Somerset Kentucky, though brand new to the community, we are fostering and finding larger, rapid growth opportunities. We have a mission in “Helping People Visually Communicate Incredible Ideas!” and we are finally loading a full arsenal via SEO analysis, web traffic development and by what we collectively call digital media to our own website. Thank you for your support and in taking time to read our blogs.


Zivan Mendez


VIA Joins Somerset Commerce

Vortex InterActive joins Somerset KY Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce

Vortex InterActive joins Somerset KY Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce

It is a benchmark to announce Vortex InterActive’s membership with the Somerset Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce. We do not have a physical storefront as of yet, but owning a gallery somewhere along Highway 27 is the future goal. It is my hope to create memorable images people will want to take with them to enjoy viewing or to recreate their moments here when they get back to the comfort of their homes, offices, or wherever they choose. Somerset and Pulaski county have a multitude to offer in terms of scenic views and family entertainment which makes for photographs you wouldn’t want to miss! Vortex InterActive will make the best of area opportunities to provide digital media and photographic services for the good people of Somerset KY and the surrounding Lake Cumberland Area.

Fall photography of an old Short Creek Kentucky Barn

Fall Shot of an old Short Creek Kentucky Barn

Vortex InterActive holds a variety of unique skills due to my background with living in diverse areas. As such, it can meet a wide range needs when it comes to imaging. It has done everything from virtual reality and computer animations for Architects to audio engineering for promotional video productions. Vortex InterActive has a heavy list of photography behind it that includes wedding, product, commercial, fashion, model, senior, macro and pet to specialized long exposure shots both during the day and at night.

Somerset Landscape Photography - Stab Community KY

Somerset Landscape Photography - Stab Community KY

It’s exciting to see the company moving into its 19th year and experience has proven there is no project too large or too small. Vortex InterActive works hard to continually provide top quality services at fair prices. We hope visitors will enjoy our website, and utilize our services. Special thanks goes out to Chris Girdler, Bobby Clue and Jessica Carlton (we are her new neighbor) of the Somerset Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce and thank you for taking time to read our blog!

Short Creek KY Cave #1 Photograph

Short Creek KY Cave #1

Global Water Dances Cincinnati

It was a real hot day down on the Ohio River early on, but enjoyable with the Global Water Dances Cincinnati. The music was awe inspiring with the words “Let’s Clean It Up” reverbrating in everyone’s ears. My sensor, however was saying “Let’s Heat It Up” and the camera had to be shut down periodically in order to continue video work. I found very little difference between the Canon 7D and the Nikon D3100 in that respect. The Canon did last longer I believe.

There were some good shots taken, and I hope things work out for Mark Stucker who is the real genius behind the footage. I can’t wait to see what he’s put together. He is a really good man to work with laying out his vision of the work beforehand. A lot of people can’t convey those types of thoughts so well. Mark was right on. I only hope the focus didn’t throw some material out due the lens being non-responsive, and it was HOT (in case someone missed this point) so holding a tighter shot steady with a stronger heartbeat was a challenge. This is where experience should prevail, but we shall see; there was a lot in the mix including me on the ground arching my back around equipment with beads of sweat soaking in my shirt, hmmm.

When the video gets posted, we’ll place a link to the outstanding performances given by talented dancers, singers, musicians, and artists. Special thanks to Shari Lauter, Music Composer/Director and Fanchon Shur, Artistic Director and Lead Choreographer for the last minute inclusion to something I was greatly looking forward to doing!

The Vortex InterActive Circle

There are artists of various kinds within our family and people we work with whose talent stands head-and-shoulders above everyone else. You will find them seasoning our posts throughout the web whether it be facebook, twitter, google+ or our own website; noted as ”The Vortex InterActive Circle”.

For example, our cousin Greg Mendez is a reknowned metal & stone sculptor whose work has been featured across numerous writeups & magazines and has been commissioned by several cities in Northern Indiana and by Sioux Falls South Dakota. You will find his work posted as from The Vortex InterActive Circle. We also share interesting travel, vacation and parenting articles written by Dianna Mendez who is a talented author looking to publish her books within a couple of years.

Our goal with “The Vortex InterActive Circle” is to promote quality crafstmanship where we can while being an encouragement to family and friends – ultimately we hope you will find interest in what they do as well so be sure to check back frequently! ~Zivan & Melissa Mendez

Vortex InterActive 2014