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Commercial Documentation

As an update, here is the premiere photo from our shoot:

Compare the post-production to the original: the post production took 8 hours to complete and involved adding a person for scale, adding the company’s logo, adjusting the exposure of the background, taking the machinery itself to “ground level” by removing the steel posts - a lot of getting it to look right had to do with adding shadows underneath each beam – and parts removal from the perimeter.

Truly, no job is too big or too small! Vortex InterActive has plenty of experience documenting larger commercial machinery such as the one shown in this test photo below:

  Upon completion, this production line machinery will take 14 to 15 semi-tractor trailers to relocate it to it’s permanent facility. The overall cost is in the millions. Size; approximately 25 feet high, 40 feet wide by 150 feet in length (-180 with conveyors in place).

We are proud to have the resources to document larger machinery accurately and with proper lighting. In the past, Vortex InterActive has done similar work in animation for Procter & Gamble, Mitsubishi Motors, & General Electric. Kudos goes out to Steve Barnett, Melissa Mendez, and Jennifer Brogan who assisted on this exciting, and somewhat massive project!


Vortex InterActive to Produce Video Showcase

"Classic JAG" - The Jaguar XK140 makes an exquisite backdrop.

Throughout its 16 years of business, Vortex InterActive has had a variety of outstanding multi-media projects. Though photography and image effects (graphic design, touchup, and enhancement) are the company’s mainstay, we offer much more. This is one of the main reasons for our name rather than “_____name Studio” Vortex InterActive is where various imaging services come together in “Helping People Visually Communicate Incredible Ideas”. Over these years we have shot and produced dozens of videos, and for the first time we are making a Vortex InterActive exclusive so our customers can gain an accelerated understanding of the services we offer.

Cincinnati Fountain Square for Pentax-Ricoh and Cord Camera

Vortex InterActive projects have included direct production in: 3D animation, virtual reality, interactive CD-authoring, musical score composition, audio work, music videos, television commercials, infommercials, logo design, web-design, web-sites, green screen, photos to playable DVD, photography of all kinds; weddings, couples, products, models, architectural, food, pets, and the list goes on.

Vortex InterActive past and/or present clients include: The U.S. Navy, Mitsubishi Motors, General Electric, Procter & Gamble, University of Cincinnati, Kroger’s, Gallerie USA, Christian Dior, Great Oaks, Kathleen Garmany & Platinum IV Salon, Blonde Dog Brewing, Cole & Russell, Grant County, The Graeter Family, Deb Knoske (Miss America, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA Pageant Photographer), John Kinsella CMC, FWMCS (World Master Chef), Kathryn Spear (Wellness Coordinator Spear Inc.), The Coy Taylor Band, and Buckeye Field Supply to mention a few that have entrusted us with their projects.

We service many outstanding inviduals throughout the year that make it nearly impossible to mention them all, and we are grateful for every one. It is our hopes this list will include “you” for choosing our services whether it be for a simple photograph or full video production. We enjoy what we do and we enjoy the people we work for: stay tuned to see some highlights of what we’ve done and what we can do for you!

Vortex InterActive for Blonde Dog

Vortex InterActive Owners, Zivan & Melissa Mendez, are proud to have produced art and design-work for The Blonde Dog Brewing Company, LLC out of Batavia Ohio established in 2012. Zivan is excited to have been additionally hired as Blonde Dog’s Media Director as of early November 2012 and has been busy working custom photos in Photoshop and Illustrator since. Plans to introduce the Blonde Dog Pale Ale for sampling, and the general public, are about two to three months out. Six months from now, The Blonde Dog should be out in force and “coming to a glass near you!”

The Brewers of Blonde Dog Brewing Co. have strong naval military backgrounds. This includes Blonde Dog’s Operations Officer, Bill Greenwald, who is also an active flight instructor for the support group assisting the USS George H.W. Bush, the world’s largest and most revered aircraft carrier, in operations across the globe.

Some of the label designs and brew names are indeed military based and patriotic in nature. It is our hopes if you love Freedom and the USA, you’ll love our beverages as the exceptional ale brewed for exceptional people.

Visit the  Blonde Dog site or call direct for more information on pricing or how to obtain this refreshing and satisfying product for you or your retail establishment, 513-432-4000.

Price Hill Chili

Cincinnati’s Price Hill Chili

We  are enjoying a fine day off and had a wonderful lunch at Cincinnati’s Famous Price Hill Chili Restaurant earlier this afternoon on Glenway Avenue. Our dining experience was a throwback to the good customer service years that we remember growing up with - and in this day and age is almost non-existent if not hard to find. Our glasses never got much below half before a waitress would swing by to fill it up. When we asked for mustard, which seemed a bit unusual in its request, she brought it out within minutes while making rounds to packed tables beside us. All with a wonderful smile!

Melissa talking with Sam - Owner of Price Hill Chili

We were fortunate enough to talk directly with the Owner, Sam, as he is always around checking to make sure everyone is enjoying their food and time at the restaurant. He is a wonderful man that has indeed founded a Cincinnati favorite. He makes it very clear his restaurant is oriented and devoted to wholesome family values and will promptly address anyone with improper conduct or language in his establishment; “Even if they’re bigger”, he says, “I’ll toss them out by their ear anyway!” Price Hill Chili has successfully been around for 50 years (1962-2012), and besides his vigilant watch, a lot of it is also due to the loyal servers that have been by his side for up to 45 years. It definitely says Sam takes care of business! Even his grandchildren, now helping out in the restaurant, have affectionaly called him, “A mean Papoose; the Greek word for Grandpa”, Sam explained, “as I made them work their way up from the dishes.”

Price Hill Chili Entryway & Kitchen

We also learned a rich deeper history to Sam and how his family’s house was burned during The War. That his father actually made the transition for his family to America and that Sam was a U.S. citizen – a fact that he wouldn’t find out until after his father’s death in The War. We learned how his family endured The Depression and how the restaurant itself used to be a Jewish parlor previously.

Regarding The Taste: The chili is a bit meatier than Cincinnati’s other favorite, Skyline, making it a bit less soupy (as some would say). I noticed it contained a bit deeper spice, a little more sodium and less cocoa. In summary, my order of Chili Cheese Fries was excellent as was the Seasoned Greek Bread served with a scrumptious tomato sauce! Here are a couple of shots we took within the restaurant while getting the tour from Sam “The Man” Himself. We encourage you to make the trip to see why Price Hill Chili is a Cincinnati favorite!

Price Hill Chili Back Entrance


Price Hill Chili’s Bar
Price Hill Chili’s Heated Patio – A Winter Favorite!


Skyline Chili in South Florida

From the Vortex InterActive Circle:

Enjoy Cincinnati Skyline Chili in South Florida!

Read more from Dianna Mendez below:

Galleries and Video

We are pleased to have just a few photos of the thousands we’ve taken displaying in our new website gallery along with a sample of videos we have done for The Great Oaks Career Campuses. We have had a lot of fun in our journey as photographers/videographers and will continue to enjoy our work long after we retire. We hope you will do so as well! On a personal note, Zivan has posted the San Francisco Gallery in tribute to Fior D’Italia, America’s Oldest Italian restaurant, closing on May 22nd, 2012. It comes as a suprise, but the memories of having eaten there at its original location across from St. Peter and Paul remain. The restaurant has served celebrities and famous people world-wide such as Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennet. Having been open for 126 years, one can only hope they will find the support to recover and re-open in the days ahead.

Vortex InterActive 2014