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Vortex InterActive to Produce Video Showcase

"Classic JAG" - The Jaguar XK140 makes an exquisite backdrop.

Throughout its 16 years of business, Vortex InterActive has had a variety of outstanding multi-media projects. Though photography and image effects (graphic design, touchup, and enhancement) are the company’s mainstay, we offer much more. This is one of the main reasons for our name rather than “_____name Studio” Vortex InterActive is where various imaging services come together in “Helping People Visually Communicate Incredible Ideas”. Over these years we have shot and produced dozens of videos, and for the first time we are making a Vortex InterActive exclusive so our customers can gain an accelerated understanding of the services we offer.

Cincinnati Fountain Square for Pentax-Ricoh and Cord Camera

Vortex InterActive projects have included direct production in: 3D animation, virtual reality, interactive CD-authoring, musical score composition, audio work, music videos, television commercials, infommercials, logo design, web-design, web-sites, green screen, photos to playable DVD, photography of all kinds; weddings, couples, products, models, architectural, food, pets, and the list goes on.

Vortex InterActive past and/or present clients include: The U.S. Navy, Mitsubishi Motors, General Electric, Procter & Gamble, University of Cincinnati, Kroger’s, Gallerie USA, Christian Dior, Great Oaks, Kathleen Garmany & Platinum IV Salon, Blonde Dog Brewing, Cole & Russell, Grant County, The Graeter Family, Deb Knoske (Miss America, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA Pageant Photographer), John Kinsella CMC, FWMCS (World Master Chef), Kathryn Spear (Wellness Coordinator Spear Inc.), The Coy Taylor Band, and Buckeye Field Supply to mention a few that have entrusted us with their projects.

We service many outstanding inviduals throughout the year that make it nearly impossible to mention them all, and we are grateful for every one. It is our hopes this list will include “you” for choosing our services whether it be for a simple photograph or full video production. We enjoy what we do and we enjoy the people we work for: stay tuned to see some highlights of what we’ve done and what we can do for you!

About Deb Knoske

Deb Knoske

Debra Gilbert Knoske has been involved in the fashion and photography industry for over 25 years. A former New Mexico’s Junior Miss and Finalist at the Miss Alabama Pageant, she has worked as a model on the runway, in print and on television including commercials for Oil of Olay and Delta Air Lines.

With her industry knowledge, experience behind the camera and artistic passion, Deb’s natural talents shine in each shot capturing every emotion in thoughtful playful and dramatic photos.

Currently Deb works with actors, models and top agencies from New York, Miami and Paris. She also works with families and corporations creating one-of-a-kind images. Her energetic personality and creative eye brings out the best in her clients, resulting in artistic custom photos. Deb’s work has also been featured on CD’s for several national recording artists.

Deb specializes in natural location photography and travels the country to find perfect clothing, accessories and locations so each session is fun from start to finish and tailored to the individual. Close attention to detail sets her apart from the rest so every photo has a style and story all it’s own.


FREE Open Studio Workshop Dec 1st, 2012

On Dec 1st, Cord Camera will hold a FREE Open Studio Workshop at Vortex InterActive Studios, 821 York Street in Covington, KY. Bring your camera and receive helpful shooting tips with real answers provided by Cord Camera Associates, or come…as you are to see how a studio setup can work for you. Get to see Cord Camera products used to create the imagery. Get to work with live models, hair and makeup by Kathleen Garmany, and gain an understanding of light modification. Additional insight to shooting with natural light provided by Deb Knoske and insight to shooting with studio light provided by Zivan Mendez. Attendees receive a 10% coupon off Lighting and ProMaster Items and 50% off PhotoClub Membership – See a Cord Associate for details. It’s a great way to grab some savings for the upcoming Holidays while learning through this unique experience!

About Kathleen Garmany

Kathleen Garmany at work with Kairee Franzen, Le Dance Studio Instructor.

Kathleen Garmany brings over 35 years experience in Hairdressing. With a specialized concentration in Bridal Hair Design and Make Up Artristry. She has worked with top names in her industry. She was hand picked as a Redken Artist. She has worked and learned under New York Hairdressers such as Sam Villa, and Chris Barron. Her natural ability in the Hair and Beauty business has opened many doors in her career. She recently was selected to attend a week long training in Hollywood California and worked with Brian Sebastian. Her make up training over 40 years includes classes from Artist to the stars, such as Beyonce’s personal make up artist, George Loepez. She also worked with Dr. Leadbedder a plastic surgeon in Cincinnati ,with cosmetic applications for covering cosmetic surgery bruising. Her love for photography has moved her to use her creative eye in candid photography classes, under the instruction of Zivan Mendez with Vortex InterActive.
Kathleen Lives in Cold Spring KY and has been married for 35 years and has 3 grown children. She has a salon in Ft. Thomas Ky. Platinum IV, located at 1039 S. Ft Thomas Ave.

Her love for the business and her love of people becomes infectious when you meet her!

Depth of Field

The first thing a photographer should have in mind is what type of look they’re trying to achieve. Should it be soft or should it be hard-edged? For portraits, it depends on the textures and colors involved; whether they’re high or low contrast. It depends on the background – is it a farm or is it a city? Is the background in tune with the clothing? Is the subject a male or female? In other words, there are guidelines, as to all kinds of subject matter, and guidelines are just that: they should be followed most of the time with the understanding they can also be bent.

In general, portraits generally take advantage of a shallow depth-of-field or DOF for short. A shallow depth of field is a narrow plane of focus where blurring can be found a short distance both in front of and behind the subject. A shallow DOF is obtained by using a fast lens and by that we mean the aperture value of the lens is either f/2.8 or lower. Setting a camera to this low aperture value is what allows us to achieve the look below:

Shallow DOF

For landscapes, or for high-contrast textures and colors, it is a general rule that a large DOF be used where the entire image appears to be sharp throughout. A large DOF is used by setting the aperture value of the lens to f/7.1 and above.

Large DOF

Getting the correct, or better handle, on DOF also depends on how close you are to your subject and whether the lens is zoomed in or at a wider angle. The final shot below could have been taken either way – a large or shallow DOF  We choose a shallow DOF to seperate our subject from the background and to blur out some distracting telephone lines and some undesired city elements. We also used a touch of flash to further enhance our subject.

City Walk - feat Brittni Johnson

Vortex InterActive 2014