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Global Water Dances Cincinnati

It was a real hot day down on the Ohio River early on, but enjoyable with the Global Water Dances Cincinnati. The music was awe inspiring with the words “Let’s Clean It Up” reverbrating in everyone’s ears. My sensor, however was saying “Let’s Heat It Up” and the camera had to be shut down periodically in order to continue video work. I found very little difference between the Canon 7D and the Nikon D3100 in that respect. The Canon did last longer I believe.

There were some good shots taken, and I hope things work out for Mark Stucker who is the real genius behind the footage. I can’t wait to see what he’s put together. He is a really good man to work with laying out his vision of the work beforehand. A lot of people can’t convey those types of thoughts so well. Mark was right on. I only hope the focus didn’t throw some material out due the lens being non-responsive, and it was HOT (in case someone missed this point) so holding a tighter shot steady with a stronger heartbeat was a challenge. This is where experience should prevail, but we shall see; there was a lot in the mix including me on the ground arching my back around equipment with beads of sweat soaking in my shirt, hmmm.

When the video gets posted, we’ll place a link to the outstanding performances given by talented dancers, singers, musicians, and artists. Special thanks to Shari Lauter, Music Composer/Director and Fanchon Shur, Artistic Director and Lead Choreographer for the last minute inclusion to something I was greatly looking forward to doing!

Slimmest Success Weight Loss Challenge

It was exciting to have worked with Katy Spear of Spear Inc. located in Mason Ohio. I am very happy to have done the video work along with the photography and some minor background work for her new website which can be found at:

Katy is the Wellness Coordinator for Spear and has developed and run a weight loss program affecting over 100 workers at their headquarters in Mason. Collectively, the employees have lost over 1,800 lbs. in the course of just 3 months! The program has been definitely both successful and well recieved. The program is currently being replicated at their Tennessee location where the “Challenge” will gain evem more momentum.

Katy has magnificent drive and enthusiasm. It’s clear she is well respected, even loved by the employees, and deserves to be. I have no doubt that besides the work productivity increase, she has been a major influence and has impacted lifestyle changes that has improved the quality of life for many if not saved some lives entirely due to diabetes, heart conditions, high cholestorol and the like. Congrats and good luck to Katy Spear!

Cord World

Simple, yet fun and effective – polarizing your rectangular panoramic in Adobe Photoshop to create your own “World”. In this case, it’s a promo for our day jobs at “Cord World”! Do drop in and see us sometime or call 513-232-7383 to reach us at the store. Okay, so I want to touch up the sky, clean up the sign and I also have some haze where I’m posing as a customer (during my off day of course) on the right side. I’ll post it when it’s done.


 This was popular around 4 years ago and I’m happy to do crazy little things like this every now and then: it’s kind of like pulling a rabbit out of your hat; a bit of “pixel magic”… also included below, drum roll please, the animated .gif (gasp) only modernized by the amount of pixels along with a smooth background I took at the Newport Aquarium. Rather fitting since Russ Romme, the owner of Buckeye Field Supply, used to dive for them to check the chemistry and whatnot.

 Hint——Click the Image to see the action!

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