Commercial Documentation

As an update, here is the premiere photo from our shoot:

Compare the post-production to the original: the post production took 8 hours to complete and involved adding a person for scale, adding the company’s logo, adjusting the exposure of the background, taking the machinery itself to “ground level” by removing the steel posts - a lot of getting it to look right had to do with adding shadows underneath each beam – and parts removal from the perimeter.

Truly, no job is too big or too small! Vortex InterActive has plenty of experience documenting larger commercial machinery such as the one shown in this test photo below:

  Upon completion, this production line machinery will take 14 to 15 semi-tractor trailers to relocate it to it’s permanent facility. The overall cost is in the millions. Size; approximately 25 feet high, 40 feet wide by 150 feet in length (-180 with conveyors in place).

We are proud to have the resources to document larger machinery accurately and with proper lighting. In the past, Vortex InterActive has done similar work in animation for Procter & Gamble, Mitsubishi Motors, & General Electric. Kudos goes out to Steve Barnett, Melissa Mendez, and Jennifer Brogan who assisted on this exciting, and somewhat massive project!


Vortex InterActive 2014