High School Senior Photos & Prints

Check out our photography for your High School Senior Photos:

We understand a lot of students had scheduled photo sessions in the fall for this years graduation, but there’s still time left for those needing to have Senior pictures taken. We offer the most complete package in addition to the Photography; Style, Location, Photoshop Editing, Collage Creation. Our session price includes a DVD of your digital negatives and PRINTS! We control the printing process and adjust for exposure and color balance where needed. Get the look you want!

Senior Session, 3 to 5 hours, $390.00, 3 to 4 changes, (3)8×10′s (6)5×7′s, (16) wallets (same photo only on wallets) We also offer larger print packages or a-la-carte; please ask!

Call 513-432-4000 or e-mail us at info@vortexinteractive.com to schedule your shoot today!

Photographic Retouch & Restoration

Vortex InterActive has dealt with dozens of restorations and retouches throughout its 15 years of service. Some have been relatively simple with minor color and detail enhancements, others quite standard concerning the removal of beauty marks, and yet others more challenging with major elements torn and/or completely missing. Whether for color change, detail enhancement, modeling, magazine layout, funerals, anniversaries, preservation, or whimsical desire, you can rest assured you are receiving the best in the industry. We have even handled corporate photographs for Miss America Pageant Entries, Christian Dior, Galerie USA (Candy and Holiday Gift Supplier to Macy’s, Target, Wal-Mart, Graeters), Krogers and the like under this category. Photographic restorations and retouches are handled on a case-by-case basis in terms of cost. You can find an approximate cost listed on our pricing page to give you an idea.

“I have never seen anyone’s work as good as this! It’s perfect!” – Charlene Lane, funeral restoration.

Genious! You’re like the Houdini of photography; getting my photos out of a tough situation. Your work is brilliant!” – Joe Wolf, Van Halen Retouch.


Vortex InterActive for Blonde Dog

Vortex InterActive Owners, Zivan & Melissa Mendez, are proud to have produced art and design-work for The Blonde Dog Brewing Company, LLC out of Batavia Ohio established in 2012. Zivan is excited to have been additionally hired as Blonde Dog’s Media Director as of early November 2012 and has been busy working custom photos in Photoshop and Illustrator since. Plans to introduce the Blonde Dog Pale Ale for sampling, and the general public, are about two to three months out. Six months from now, The Blonde Dog should be out in force and “coming to a glass near you!”

The Brewers of Blonde Dog Brewing Co. have strong naval military backgrounds. This includes Blonde Dog’s Operations Officer, Bill Greenwald, who is also an active flight instructor for the support group assisting the USS George H.W. Bush, the world’s largest and most revered aircraft carrier, in operations across the globe.

Some of the label designs and brew names are indeed military based and patriotic in nature. It is our hopes if you love Freedom and the USA, you’ll love our beverages as the exceptional ale brewed for exceptional people.

Visit the  Blonde Dog site or call direct for more information on pricing or how to obtain this refreshing and satisfying product for you or your retail establishment, 513-432-4000.

VIA Supports Young&United

I have known Ben Lebovitz for about 6 or 7 years now. He is a brilliant designer, artist and photographer who can now add visionary and young business entrepreneur to this list. I have always enjoyed our time together whether discussing equipment, photo techniques or simply a good dinner together. I am very grateful for the photo shoot we did a few Christmases ago; it was a great encouragement during a transitional time in my life. I fully support his efforts and undertaking, please take a moment to review his project by watching this video backed by a simple dollar donation (more if you can). His success and the success of Young & United can only be made by you: your support is both needed and appreciated! In the words of Kathleen Garmany regarding Y&U, “Take “US” back, the USA that is.. I support this, please share and support if you believe.”

Thanks and God Bless!
~Zivan Mendez

About Deb Knoske

Deb Knoske

Debra Gilbert Knoske has been involved in the fashion and photography industry for over 25 years. A former New Mexico’s Junior Miss and Finalist at the Miss Alabama Pageant, she has worked as a model on the runway, in print and on television including commercials for Oil of Olay and Delta Air Lines.

With her industry knowledge, experience behind the camera and artistic passion, Deb’s natural talents shine in each shot capturing every emotion in thoughtful playful and dramatic photos.

Currently Deb works with actors, models and top agencies from New York, Miami and Paris. She also works with families and corporations creating one-of-a-kind images. Her energetic personality and creative eye brings out the best in her clients, resulting in artistic custom photos. Deb’s work has also been featured on CD’s for several national recording artists.

Deb specializes in natural location photography and travels the country to find perfect clothing, accessories and locations so each session is fun from start to finish and tailored to the individual. Close attention to detail sets her apart from the rest so every photo has a style and story all it’s own.


FREE Open Studio Workshop Dec 1st, 2012

On Dec 1st, Cord Camera will hold a FREE Open Studio Workshop at Vortex InterActive Studios, 821 York Street in Covington, KY. Bring your camera and receive helpful shooting tips with real answers provided by Cord Camera Associates, or come…as you are to see how a studio setup can work for you. Get to see Cord Camera products used to create the imagery. Get to work with live models, hair and makeup by Kathleen Garmany, and gain an understanding of light modification. Additional insight to shooting with natural light provided by Deb Knoske and insight to shooting with studio light provided by Zivan Mendez. Attendees receive a 10% coupon off Lighting and ProMaster Items and 50% off PhotoClub Membership – See a Cord Associate for details. It’s a great way to grab some savings for the upcoming Holidays while learning through this unique experience!

About Kathleen Garmany

Kathleen Garmany at work with Kairee Franzen, Le Dance Studio Instructor.

Kathleen Garmany brings over 35 years experience in Hairdressing. With a specialized concentration in Bridal Hair Design and Make Up Artristry. She has worked with top names in her industry. She was hand picked as a Redken Artist. She has worked and learned under New York Hairdressers such as Sam Villa, and Chris Barron. Her natural ability in the Hair and Beauty business has opened many doors in her career. She recently was selected to attend a week long training in Hollywood California and worked with Brian Sebastian. Her make up training over 40 years includes classes from Artist to the stars, such as Beyonce’s personal make up artist, George Loepez. She also worked with Dr. Leadbedder a plastic surgeon in Cincinnati ,with cosmetic applications for covering cosmetic surgery bruising. Her love for photography has moved her to use her creative eye in candid photography classes, under the instruction of Zivan Mendez with Vortex InterActive.
Kathleen Lives in Cold Spring KY and has been married for 35 years and has 3 grown children. She has a salon in Ft. Thomas Ky. Platinum IV, located at 1039 S. Ft Thomas Ave.

Her love for the business and her love of people becomes infectious when you meet her!

Highfield Discovery Garden For Sale

Photos of the Highfield Discovery Garden, within Glenwood Gardens, is now for sale through Vortex InterActive: this is a limited edition 8″x10″ print with only 200 signed copies for sale at $60.00 each. The photo comes framed within the green matte and beautiful distressed black wooden frame featured below:

Children's Highfield Discovery Garden Pond

20% of each sale will go towards the Highfield Discovery Garden’s Children’s Education Program. The second image is of the Gleenwood Garden Welcome Center and Gift Shop. Both images were HDR (High Dynamic Range) processed for better color and detail beyond what ordinary photography can capture. Shipping is available, contact us for details 513-432-4000 or by email.  
Glenwood Discovery Gardens

Vortex InterActive in 20/20 Magazine

As the world’s leading optical publication, 20/20 inspires eyecare professionals, advertising clients and eyewear consumers to successfully brave the exciting and ever-changing scenario of eyewear and sunwear. Number one in readership, 20/20 reaches a circulation of over 49,500 subscribers and now countless consumer followers via Facebook, Twitter and 2020mag mobile apps. With over 35 years of optical expertise, 20/20 continues to establish itself as an invaluable source in delivering the best in fashion trending, branding, style, technology and product news with a unique and personalized delivery. In a powerful blend of print, Web and social media 20/20 energizes the optical arena with bold images, striking eyewear and an up-to-the minute editorial point of view.

20/20 Article by Dr. Palmer Cook with Vortex InterActive Credit

Focusing on Shutterbugs Article

Vortex InterActive in Cincinnati

You may or may not have been aware of our work, but if you’re within the Cincinnati region, most likely you have seen us…

Great Oaks Billboard with Vortex InterActive Images - Beechmont

For the past 6 months, our images have shown up on billboards across the Cincinnati Region for Great Oaks on major roads and highways as well as on Cincinnati Metro buses.

by Melissa Mendez - Instagram

Last year, we did a full video production for their new website featuring 11 of their main courses which you can catch a glimpse of both (images and video) in our galleries:

VortexInteractive – Great Oaks Gallery

VortexInteractive – Great Oaks Videos

Indeed, everytime a new brochure gets published, you are also viewing our images – Vortex InterActive is proud to have been on most of their front covers for the past three years as well as on cut-sheets and on banners throughout their campuses.

Vortex InterActive Front Cover of Great Oaks

Contact Vortex InterActive for your digital imaging needs be it photography, Adobe lessons, or consultation: 513-432-4000.


Vortex InterActive 2014