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There are artists of various kinds within our family and people we work with whose talent stands head-and-shoulders above everyone else. You will find them seasoning our posts throughout the web whether it be facebook, twitter, google+ or our own website; noted as ”The Vortex InterActive Circle”.

For example, our cousin Greg Mendez is a reknowned metal & stone sculptor whose work has been featured across numerous writeups & magazines and has been commissioned by several cities in Northern Indiana and by Sioux Falls South Dakota. You will find his work posted as from The Vortex InterActive Circle. We also share interesting travel, vacation and parenting articles written by Dianna Mendez who is a talented author looking to publish her books within a couple of years.

Our goal with “The Vortex InterActive Circle” is to promote quality crafstmanship where we can while being an encouragement to family and friends – ultimately we hope you will find interest in what they do as well so be sure to check back frequently! ~Zivan & Melissa Mendez

Aquatic & Garden Decor

If you live in the Greater Cincinnati area and are into gardens in any fashion, you will need to put the Aquatic & Garden Decor store on your list to at least visit once. Especially if you live in the Sharonville, Blue-Ash, West-Chester, Fields-Ertel or Landen areas. It’s been awhile since I’ve visited them and I remember their previous location for which I am glad they have moved down the road to a much larger plot. It just speaks volumes for their interest & quality work. Here are just a few photos from our recent visit:

Also, be sure to visit their website: Aquatic & Garden Decor

Galleries and Video

We are pleased to have just a few photos of the thousands we’ve taken displaying in our new website gallery along with a sample of videos we have done for The Great Oaks Career Campuses. We have had a lot of fun in our journey as photographers/videographers and will continue to enjoy our work long after we retire. We hope you will do so as well! On a personal note, Zivan has posted the San Francisco Gallery in tribute to Fior D’Italia, America’s Oldest Italian restaurant, closing on May 22nd, 2012. It comes as a suprise, but the memories of having eaten there at its original location across from St. Peter and Paul remain. The restaurant has served celebrities and famous people world-wide such as Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennet. Having been open for 126 years, one can only hope they will find the support to recover and re-open in the days ahead.

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