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Helping People Visually Communicate Incredible Ideas in Somerset KY: we offer world-class photography, image capture, audio, video, website & graphic design production services. Post production includes enhancement, alteration, restoration, or transfer of existing images and video to CD, DVD & HD. We provide photographic lessons & consulting for all types of cameras & studio lighting to individuals and companies throughout the Lake Cumberland Area. We train 25+ students a year. Classes can be tailored for specific needs in Adobe Photoshop, Elements, Premiere & After Effects. Vortex InterActive, established in 1997, is Owned & Directed by Zivan Mendez with Creative Director Melissa Mendez. Zivan has a Bachelor in Architecture & a minor in multimedia from UC’s DAAP and has held an Ohio State Certification as an adult educator for Great Oaks Career Campus which boasts America’s Largest Adult Education Facility. Melissa has an Associate in Business Management from Antonelli. Zivan & Melissa are Certified Photographic Consultants through the PMAI www.pmai.org. Melissa has held the position of store manager for Cord Camera Beechmont, Cincinnati where Zivan served part-time as a pro-camera sales person. Zivan is unique in many skills and attributes them to a deep church background and having lived in a variety of places that provided rich diversity. He is fond of Mt. Rogers and Davis Valley Virginia where he grew in love with photography due to scenic surroundings over the course of 8 years. Now, it is our hopes to be received into the beautiful and growing community of Somerset Kentucky. We have had a variety of clients including Christian Dior, Great Oaks, Galerie USA, Platinum IV Salon, Buckeye Field Supply, Team Honu and the Coy Taylor Band to mention a few. Thanks for viewing our work!

Portrait of Melissa Mendez by Zivan Mendez

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