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Highfield Discovery Garden For Sale

Photos of the Highfield Discovery Garden, within Glenwood Gardens, is now for sale through Vortex InterActive: this is a limited edition 8″x10″ print with only 200 signed copies for sale at $60.00 each. The photo comes framed within the green matte and beautiful distressed black wooden frame featured below:

Children's Highfield Discovery Garden Pond

20% of each sale will go towards the Highfield Discovery Garden’s Children’s Education Program. The second image is of the Gleenwood Garden Welcome Center and Gift Shop. Both images were HDR (High Dynamic Range) processed for better color and detail beyond what ordinary photography can capture. Shipping is available, contact us for details 513-432-4000 or by email.  
Glenwood Discovery Gardens

Aquatic & Garden Decor

If you live in the Greater Cincinnati area and are into gardens in any fashion, you will need to put the Aquatic & Garden Decor store on your list to at least visit once. Especially if you live in the Sharonville, Blue-Ash, West-Chester, Fields-Ertel or Landen areas. It’s been awhile since I’ve visited them and I remember their previous location for which I am glad they have moved down the road to a much larger plot. It just speaks volumes for their interest & quality work. Here are just a few photos from our recent visit:

Also, be sure to visit their website: Aquatic & Garden Decor

Vortex InterActive 2014