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Vortex InterActive to Produce Video Showcase

"Classic JAG" - The Jaguar XK140 makes an exquisite backdrop.

Throughout its 16 years of business, Vortex InterActive has had a variety of outstanding multi-media projects. Though photography and image effects (graphic design, touchup, and enhancement) are the company’s mainstay, we offer much more. This is one of the main reasons for our name rather than “_____name Studio” Vortex InterActive is where various imaging services come together in “Helping People Visually Communicate Incredible Ideas”. Over these years we have shot and produced dozens of videos, and for the first time we are making a Vortex InterActive exclusive so our customers can gain an accelerated understanding of the services we offer.

Cincinnati Fountain Square for Pentax-Ricoh and Cord Camera

Vortex InterActive projects have included direct production in: 3D animation, virtual reality, interactive CD-authoring, musical score composition, audio work, music videos, television commercials, infommercials, logo design, web-design, web-sites, green screen, photos to playable DVD, photography of all kinds; weddings, couples, products, models, architectural, food, pets, and the list goes on.

Vortex InterActive past and/or present clients include: The U.S. Navy, Mitsubishi Motors, General Electric, Procter & Gamble, University of Cincinnati, Kroger’s, Gallerie USA, Christian Dior, Great Oaks, Kathleen Garmany & Platinum IV Salon, Blonde Dog Brewing, Cole & Russell, Grant County, The Graeter Family, Deb Knoske (Miss America, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA Pageant Photographer), John Kinsella CMC, FWMCS (World Master Chef), Kathryn Spear (Wellness Coordinator Spear Inc.), The Coy Taylor Band, and Buckeye Field Supply to mention a few that have entrusted us with their projects.

We service many outstanding inviduals throughout the year that make it nearly impossible to mention them all, and we are grateful for every one. It is our hopes this list will include “you” for choosing our services whether it be for a simple photograph or full video production. We enjoy what we do and we enjoy the people we work for: stay tuned to see some highlights of what we’ve done and what we can do for you!

The Impossible Hollywood Shot

When it comes to removing elements within an image, the clone tool is the first thing Photoshop users go for; and rightly so. Using it alone would be a mistake and all too often, this is the only tool people use. Sure it may look like fixed in the end, but fine details are what separates an acceptable image from an exceptional image or even a “believable” image.

A Touch-Up Nightmare - Not for the Timid

I have learned several things over…the years that carried over from when I used to lay hardwood floors: sometimes even though a single board would fit perfect, I would cut it into smaller ones as well as looking for dark and light ones – were they grouped together too much? too little? It was a fine study of textures, tints and shades all working together to produce a stunning variation no matter where you looked; and it looked natural. Every time I had a local crew come in to sand for finishing, they were always amazed I had laid them myself: I have had several job offers to which this day I just smile.

I apply the same technique to my cloning and that is what separates Vortex InterActive’s work from the average. The clone tool does not stand alone, I also use the Spot Healing and Healing Brush when appropriate (away from edges). I use different blending modes and opacities to lighten and darken areas – fine details often overlooked. Feathering on my edges when I cut and paste. A variety of selection tools – lasso, polygonal, ellipse marquee using “shift” to add, “alt” to subtract. Every now and then, even adding matching film grain!

The Impossible Hollywood Shot - Final Image

Another esoteric technique I use is peripheral vision – the same seasoned stargazers use – sometimes objects show up better staring off a little to the right or left instead of directly at it. The image is translated by from the back of our eyes with rods and cones that haven’t been “burned” by so much use, and as a result, one can see fine subtle details that are just a few shades or tints off; things show up better. All for making the believable and exceptional image such as shown in our Impossible “Hollywood” Shot.

Vortex InterActive 2014