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Aquatic & Garden Decor

If you live in the Greater Cincinnati area and are into gardens in any fashion, you will need to put the Aquatic & Garden Decor store on your list to at least visit once. Especially if you live in the Sharonville, Blue-Ash, West-Chester, Fields-Ertel or Landen areas. It’s been awhile since I’ve visited them and I remember their previous location for which I am glad they have moved down the road to a much larger plot. It just speaks volumes for their interest & quality work. Here are just a few photos from our recent visit:

Also, be sure to visit their website: Aquatic & Garden Decor

Galleries and Video

We are pleased to have just a few photos of the thousands we’ve taken displaying in our new website gallery along with a sample of videos we have done for The Great Oaks Career Campuses. We have had a lot of fun in our journey as photographers/videographers and will continue to enjoy our work long after we retire. We hope you will do so as well! On a personal note, Zivan has posted the San Francisco Gallery in tribute to Fior D’Italia, America’s Oldest Italian restaurant, closing on May 22nd, 2012. It comes as a suprise, but the memories of having eaten there at its original location across from St. Peter and Paul remain. The restaurant has served celebrities and famous people world-wide such as Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennet. Having been open for 126 years, one can only hope they will find the support to recover and re-open in the days ahead.

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